DJ Fresh and Nico Pellerin launch AI based voice generator

DJ Fresh and Nico Pellerin have launched an AI based platform that allows producers to legally clone artists’ voices for use in demos and fan-made edits. 


Voice-Swap works by taking existing voice recordings and changing the timbre toward that of another voice. The game changer is that Voice-Swap uses AI voice models pre-authorised by the artists who the voices belong to, who in turn receive a 50% cut of the revenue generated by use of their voice on the platform. 


Significantly, artists retain ownership of their voice on Voice-Swap as well as any Ai-generated recordings which make use of their voice. According to Voice-Swap, the platform boasts a “robust rights and permissions framework.” Users who have created tracks with an artist’s voice are able to reach out to representatives for that artist via the platform should they wish to release the track commercially. Artists are under no obligation to agree to these proposals, and the platform aims to combat piracy and illegal use of voices through patent-pending technology used to trace each vocal recording back to its source.


The platform currently has only five participating artists, but hope to expand this to a catalog of hundreds. Artists are invited to submit their voices to the platform. All Voice-Swap requires is about 25min of acapella singing to be able to clone that voice. Users wishing to make use of the platform should know that it is subscription based, with tiers ranging from $5.99 to 2$29.99 a month. 


For more information, visit Voice-Swap’s website.