Dissecting Norwegian singer Hanne Mjøen’s latest alt-pop EP

While we’re proudly a UK webzine, it’s difficult to deny that the Northern European territories of Europe are spitting out some unique talent.  Take Danish singer , for instance, who has just released her official music video for Kindness or Norwegian songstress, Sigrid whose latest single, Buring Bridges has already received two remixes, one from Initial Talk and the other from Jess Bays. Let’s pause for a bit in Norway, where you’ll also find the rebellious singer Hanne Mjøen and her latest EP, Emotional Fever

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The EP opens with the gentle track, ‘Hurt Like Heaven’ which was accompanied by its own music video and is about an unhealthy “on and off” relationship and the toll it can take. Next, we encounter ‘Hell With You’ which gained global recognition in the days after its release and encapsulates Hanne’s rebellious spirit to the core. The single received praise from Paper Magazine, The Line of Best Fit and even Earmilk, to name a few and was also accompanied by its own video. Next up, we have ‘Too Tired (Don’t Feel A Thing)’ in all its glory, encapsulating the mental fatigue that comes after a big fight with a loved one. The title track comes next which, despite the name, is bursting with vibrance. Ending on the previously unheard, ‘Someone’, we’re drawn back down into reality with lyrics that strike far too close to the truth for comfort.  

“Emotional Fever is my roller coaster of emotions. It’s about becoming an adult; not knowing what you feel, or who you are. Going into relationships; not knowing what you want, or what to expect, cause there is no right or wrong.  I’m really bad at talking about how I feel, I’ve always wanted to be tough, not letting anything hurt me. Songwriting became a kind of tool for me to let out my emotions and thoughts, and it made me reflect more and grow.  I could never stop writing music I think, if I try to imagine it, I only see myself suppressing my feelings and ending up at a mental hospital. It’s impossible for me to imagine it really. Because it helps me so much, and I hope to one day be able to help someone else put words on what they feel.”Hanne Mjøen breaks down the inspiration behind the EP for us.

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