Diplo awarded over $1million in harassment case against former partner

Producer Diplo has won in a case against a woman he accused of harassment. According to Pitchfork, Diplo pursued legal action against the woman following a sexual relationship that ended in 2020.

The woman has also taken legal action against Diplo in a separate case, securing a temporary restraining order against him in late 2020. Meanwhile, Diplo also pursued a restraining order against her, resulting in a dual restraining order agreement between the two parties. Both parties filed lawsuits against each other, with Diplo accusing the woman of trespassing, stalking, and revenge porn while the woman has accused Diplo of sexual battery and harassment. Both lawsuits remain unresolved. Diplo’s recent win comes after he demanded an arbitration hearing against the woman, who he claims violated the dual restraining order agreement. An arbitrator hearing both sides of the argument recommended that the Los Angeles Superior Court award Diplo nearly $1.2million in damages after siding with Diplo