Despacio soundsystem coming to Coachella 2016

Despite the controversial nature of this year’s Coachella lineup, the festival still remains a coveted landmark for many major artists who manage to get a slot to play. There are many who are excited for Guns n Roses or LCD Soundsystem reunions, but for gearheads, the real excitement comes in the form of Despacio, the 50,000 watt project crafted together by James Murphy, 2manyDJs, and audio engineer John Klett.

While the system was specifically created for a vinyl night in Ibiza that never ended up happening, the sound system will find its way into the dry desert sky in Indio Valley. there’s no word on who’s using it or what’s happening with the machine, but if there’s any reason to make it out to California this April, it’s for this.

Watch the video below from 2013 that brings further details on the soundsystem itself.

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