Dengue Dengue Dengue releases visuals for ‘Guarida (Feat. Sara Van)’

Enchufada Records has been working on big things in 2016, and while labelhead Branko has been relatively mum on what’s happening behind the scenes, we’ve finally got word that Dengue Dengue Dengue, a label regular, is gearing up for their debut album release with the Portuguese brand.

The Peruvian duo has dropped visuals for ‘Guarida,’ a syrupy, experimental piece that features the vocal work of a talented Sara Van. It’s haunting, and focuses on the key points of what have made DDD so successful in the past. The visuals are equally as impressive- Peruvian culture and its elements are stirred into a Sci-Fi cocktail, and the result is a track and visuals that embody all that Dengue Dengue Dengue embody- classic influences with a modern twist.

The album is titled Siete Raíces, and will be out June 24th via Bandcamp.

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