Delta Funktionen To Release New Album – Junior High School Excursion To The Parallel World

Delta Funktionen’s latest album will land on 13th June via Radio Matrix.

Following 2015’s release of Wasteland, the conceptual interstellar journey continues to the same planet, where a group of students are invited on a “one-week journey to The Parallel World, a world where its leaders decided to go back in time rather than moving forward.” The students are asked to interact and participate in this domain, from “sneaking into the offices of the corrupted leaders” to deciding whether they themselves wish to “become part of the classified sector.”

Junior High School Excursion To The Parallel World is an exploration of Dutch producer Niels Luinenberg’s abstract side, and see’s his trademark techo-electro sound resonate with a longing to find and traverse other worlds.

01. Scitilop
02. Welcome To Our Timezone
03. Torpedo
04. Warpdrive
05. Frison
06. Stingoperation
07. The Classified Sector
08. Hyena

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