DEEP FOREST releases MMXVI remixes

Grammy Award winning act DEEP FOREST are set to release new remix package featuring artists Fakear, Gaudi, Onuka, Katuchat, Pixelord, Sweatson Klank and Fytch due for release on the 3rd February via The Playground Records. Bringing together highly skilled beatmakers from a diverse background, the release manages to show off a unique sonic palette including electronica, experimental, dub, jazz, Drum n Bass, Garage,  House and Techno genres.

In 1995 Deep Forest won the prestigious Grammy Award for their album Boheme. They were the first French artists to win a Grammy Award and to this day, they only share this honour with Daft Punk. With the distinct ethnic-driven sound of Deep Forest, Eric Mouquet belongs to the few unique pioneers of electronic music. His highly recognizable sounds defined the concept of world music and shaped the all-new sound of ethnic-electronica. Since the very first album of Deep Forest, Eric Mouquet loved using and exploring samples: “I experimented a lot with parts of sounds, songs and voices. This technique contributes the heart and soul to the very own sound of Deep Forest.”

Inspired heavily by Deep Forest and hailed as something of a figurehead for a new, emerging electronic scene in France, FAKEAR, deploys samples, loops, and electro-beats to great effect, ensuring the remix is engaging from beginning to end.   

Listen to teaser here:



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