David Bowie’s ‘I Can’t Give Everything Away’ gets visuals from Jonathan Barnbrook

David Bowie‘s death was one that drastically affected the musical community earlier this year, and combined with some of the other ‘artist’ deaths that have also happened, it’s hard to gauge whether or not that entertainment community has quite recovered from its collective shock.

One great thing, however, is that fact that art can transcend a lifespan, and this is very much the case with Bowie’s parting gift, Blackstar, on which ‘I Can’t Give Everything Away’ is on. The visuals for the track were directed by Jonathan Barnbrook, who also designed the album cover.

There is a saying that there are two deaths- one when a person leaves the planet, and the other when the person is last thought/talked about in the planet. In this manner, Bowie is still very much alive.

Watch the video below.

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