Das Mörtal releases Synthwave album ‘Always Loved’ via Lisbon Lux Records

Canadian Cristobal Cortes, aka DAS MÖRTAL releases his forthcoming album “Always Loved” today via Lisbon Lux Records. DAS MÖRTAL has won legions of fans from both the synthwave and techno scenes, weaving together synth pad compositions that perfectly embody the rich melancholy and delicate fantasy of the 1980s. With the release of his first album, Always Loved (via Lisbon Lux Records), DAS MÖRTAL looks set to continue a rise that has seen him perform at festivals such as Transmusicales and Osheaga, and share the stage with the likes of Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, Gost, Danger, Dan Terminus, Tommy’86 and Le Matos.

DAS MÖRTAL’s previous notable release titled Hotline Miami 2 has reached nearly 1 million streams on Spotify, in the wake of which DAS MÖRTAL did his first trip to Europe, endearing himself to the fresh, vibrant contemporary Berlin techno scene. Counting influences from the 80s (Depeche Mode and Skinny Puppy) and 90s (The Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin and Boards Of Canada), DAS MÖRTAL’s individual style brings together the best elements of Berlin’s techno scene and 80s movie soundtracks: driving beats and rich, expansive synths.

Produced with the help of French Fox (one half of Lisbon Lux Records, and who has previously aided bands such as Le Couleur and Beat Market), Always Loved is a moody, emotive album full of rubbery arpeggiated synths and explosive drum hits. Single lead and video ‘Midnight Rendez-Vous’ (ft. French Fox) is illustrative of the album’s edgy, playful appeal: a club-ready track about going out on the town that is synched to images detailing an explosive, Natural Born Killers-style relationship between balaclava-wearing lovers. 

“Always Loved” is available as a 10-track CD and digital release, and as a 12-track vinyl release, stream it below.

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