Das Mörtal charms synthwave genre with new release ‘The Void’

Canadian born Das Mörtal a.k.a  Cristobal Cortes is a synthwave producer who released his track titled ‘The Void’ last month in celebration of ‘Imbolc’, an event in the Pagan calendar, the release was done via Libson Lux Records. The producer’s claim to fame was his album Hotline Miami II which has over eight million streams across multiple streaming platforms. He has been featured in Youtube channel New Retro Wave which has a following of a million subscribers and counting. Das Mörtal is touring Dance With The Dead and Magic Sword since mid-February, with a total of thirteen shows in Europe, and twenty-five in North America. 

Cristobal has an obsession with German techno, horror and sci-fi movie soundtracks, and you can hear that influence in his music. During his two-year stay in Berlin,  the producer went on to produce movie scores for films like Naissance d’un Zombie and Deadcon. This exposure led to an increased fanbase for the artist via Shazam. His 2017 album Always Loved received praise internationally, and this would lead him to headline a US tour for the first time. 

‘The Void’ will give you goosebumps in all the right ways, it features the 90’s videogame sound, with a tension-filled beat and hypnotic synth, you are bound to be on the dancefloor for this track. Das Mörtal cites inspirations from artists  Steve Moore and Aphex Twin. The producer adds, “The Void” is a call back to 90’s techno, taking inspiration from goth culture and the cosmic horror of H.P. Lovecraft.”

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