Darkstar Release Short Film “Inherent In The Fibre”

The recently premiered short film by Warp Record’s Darkstar, has been garnering attention since it’s release. “Inherent In The Fibre” was shot during the duo’s June 2016 trip to South Africa and sees Cape Town residents discussing their dreams, their homes, and their communities.

This is the second film of this nature by Darkstar. The first was for their 2015 album Foam Island, where the duo spent time in the North of England, interviewing residents about their daily lives.

“Inherent In The Fibre” is a beautiful piece of film directed by Cieron Magat, with the the recordings of the interviewees woven into tracks. The result is a powerful combination of audio documentary, electronic music and political statement.

“We went to Cape Town thinking it would be about applying what we did with Foam Island to the people we met with over there.” says James Young of Darkstar “Obviously this only goes so far as both environments are nuanced to their own outlook and understanding of the world. What worked in West Yorkshire in most parts had not much relevance in South Africa so it was about learning a great deal on the job quickly and being sensitive to the social dynamic that is in place. For all our intents and purposes trying to capture a picture of a society that is hugely complex in a week is impossible. But we were able to meet people willing to collaborate and show us a snapshot of their lives. As the film shows we were fortunate enough to be able to spend time with people in Cape Town that wanted to give us a tour of their neck of the woods and what they did everyday, rather than us trying to create a narrative that was a reach at best we decided to just observe and put together something both them and us knew was genuine.”

Watch “Inherent In The Fibre” below:

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