Dance Your Way Into May: Retro Synthwave

With the beginning of a new month, comes new, exciting opportunities – but often, the stress of everyday life follows and, it’s not exactly pleasant. However, it’s important to find a balance and music is so vital in affecting our moods. A great way to start off a new month is with some upbeat, radiant tracks that leave us grinning with joy (and dancing around in our living rooms.) The thought of glowing, carefree dance-y tracks always brings a feelings of 80’s inspired pop. Synthwave is the perfect representation of retro fun crafted in a modern environment, and definitely a mood lifter.

Below are 15 vibrant Synthwave albums to start off your May with a kick:

GLITCHED UTOPIA – RetroRebel x dotL0ki

Totality – On Interrupt

Full Album Release Date: May 9th

2080’s – Ru Ban

A New Retro – Temporal

Lately (EP) – Flamingo Jones

Violent Arcade (EP) – Baddon

Heisei Equinox – Virtual Cat

The Price of Immortality – bloodbit

The Digital Culture – Sellorekt / LA Dreams


In Gloom (EP) – Nothing Neon

White light dawn – Troniknight

Moonrise – Lonz Kid

Concrete, Steel, and Neon – Gabe Miller

Humavision – MightyGlen

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list, and please be sure to support the brilliant artists behind these albums!

Let us know your favourite tracks, albums and genres to dance to!

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