Damacha releases EP ‘3E3240’

Hidden deep in the colder parts of the United States lies a cultural hub of musical explosion in Minnesota. Over the last couple of years, those blending the lines of hip hop and experimental, with hip hop/R&B/experimental group The Stand4rd being at the forefront. Damacha, who’s worked with Psymun of The Stand4rd in the past, has since moved to China, but continues to grow the legacy of their musical landscape and craft intricate songs that have caught the eye of some of the underground’s most exciting and talented minds, and fans have been following suite.

He’s released 3E3240, and EP that is as bizarre and magnificent as ever. 6 tracks influenced by a dog named Purple, it’s making us a firm believer that a much needed trip to the East has brought a crispy air of freshness to his creativity.

The EP is out via Bandcamp.

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