COVID-19 Music Relief: Spotify Announce New Measures To Assist Artists Impacted By Pandemic

Spotify have announced a new measure in order to assist in providing relief to musicians during this time of crisis.

It is imperative now more than ever that we work together to support and uplift one another, especially as the creative industries are suffering immensely as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The music industry is being devastated in the face of the pandemic, as the majority of musicians are finding it exceptionally difficult to make ends meet as venues across the world have had to shut their doors, events have been postponed or cancelled entirely, travel restrictions have been put in place and millions of people are legally required to stay at home.

Streaming giant Spotify has announced they will be implementing the Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief in order to play their part in assisting all those who have been affected by the pandemic.

By partnering with global music charities such as MusiCares, PRS Foundation, and Help Musicians (and with plans to extend their partnerships) – the company has announced that they will be making significant donations to the charities and will match the donations made via the Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief fund with contributions of up to $10 million.

A new feature is also scheduled to be introduced that will allow artists (and fans) to fundraise directly from their Spotify artist profile to a verified fundraiser of their choice. The company has also highlighted a number of platforms to assist those creating music from home:

  • Soundbetter, a music talent marketplace will be waiving its revenue share.
  • Cloud-based audio recording platform Soundtrap will offer extended free trials for educators.
  • Podcast-focused Anchor will also be waiving fees for its Listener Support program.

For more information, visit the official Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief website here.

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