Coronet under threat!

They took away Hidden. They knocked down Cable. The sun has set on Pacha. Now The Coronet may be next to bite the dust….

The London venue that has stood for 140 years playing host to big nights, such as Secretsundaze, Bass Music Festival and Jungle Mania, faces closure after failing to obtain a new lease.

“Our lease is due to expire in November 2015 and we have, so far, not been able to secure a commitment from either our landlord Delancey or Southwark Council that the Coronet can continue to operate in Elephant & Castle,” staff at the Coronet say. “If we don’t get clarity about our future, the Coronet may be forced to close.”

The Coronet employs 100s of staff and attracts millions of punters generating a staggering amount of revenue for the area. However, there are currently developments happening to rejuvenate Elephant & Castle which may leave no place for The Coronet. A couple of years back news surfaced that even Ministry Of Sound could face the chop after plans of a new housing project were rumoured.

The owners are trying to put up a fight as they have finances for improvements and plans to host huge events such as BBC Radio Recordings. But without support from Delancey & Southwark Council they cannot promise these developments or secure staff employment.

A petition has been set up to save The Coronet. Sign here!

Written by Alex Lewis