Contemporary soul & Jazz singer Lisabel releases ethereal music video

London based singer-songwriter Lisabel has released the music video for her song ‘A Work of Art’ off of her debut album of the same name.  The album was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at the production company, Brother Sun Sister Moon Productions Studio by Nikola Kovačević. Lisabel was born in Italy and moved to London in 2013 although due to her family’s relationship with the UK, she had spent a fair amount of time in the country before her relocation to London. With a mixture of Motown meets jazz and contemporary R&B meeting the ringing tones of her mother’s voice, the singer had a foundation of music in her life from a young age. The songstress strives to not let influences pollute her creativity too strongly as she wants to sound like herself when it comes to both songwriting and sound production. Directed by Lisabel herself the music video is a simple, albeit impactful, one. Well thought out details such as the large flower frame in front of two open balcony doors and delicate stitching of the album name on her dress’ straps. The playful use of shadows enhances the romantic effect, flirting with the watcher and providing hints of a second person involved. The final shots of Lisabel leaving the homestead and stepping into the warm sun bring the video to a close, pairing well with the songstresses own warm vocals.  

Speaking of the concept behind the music video, Lisabel tells us, ‘With this video, I wanted to create an ethereal atmosphere, I wanted to be the only character so that the intimacy of the song would sink in even more. The lyrics talk about a person I fell in with who I see as a work of art but I wanted to depict myself singing this song intimately to the recipient inside a floral frame which highlights the natural and earthy painting or ‘portrait’. In the first chorus, two sets of shadow hands are visible. The idea was to take some lyrics which are written as metaphors (even the shades won’t turn to grey) and represent their real meaning ‘even your flaws or mistakes won’t make me stop loving you), which is why the hands sweetly embrace. Towards the end, I leave the apartment to move to a purer place and state of mind, the outdoors and the sunlight which represents the happy ending’

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