Concorde, the French-disco album your vinyl collection is desperately missing

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Le Couleur, a French-disco meets synth-pop band, have allowed will allow the purchase of a limited edition 12” vinyl copy of their new album, Concorde. The album will be available digitally on the 11th of September but we think this one is worth adding to your permanent vinyl collection. Taking listeners on a tasteful journey of historical importance, Le Couleur explore different iconic moments that have changed the world over the years.

The Montreal-based band reveal a little more about Concorde: “Objects, pictures, movies and architecture are big influences.  Then the story behind this magnificent plane (Concorde) was so easy to talk about.  Actually the object itself as well as the tragedy surrounding it inspire us to talk about more tragic situation:  Mental illness, sectarian collective suicide, a friend with drugs issues, etc…It quite a dark album now I describe it!  But it’s never heavy and depressive since it’s no personal situation.  These stories aren’t to free ourself or anything like this.  We thought there were good themes to put sounds and images on.”

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Written by: Sarah Britton                                                                    Image credit: Gabrielle Demers

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