Com Truise To Release ‘Iteration’ via Ghostly Records

Com Truise’s first full length release in six years, will be available on June 15th via Ghostly International.

Los Angeles based producer Seth Haley, the artist behind the pseudonym Com Truise, has a self-confessed synth obsession. Influenced by a range of artists such as from Joy Division, New Order, Boards of Canada, Gary Numan, Cocteau Twins, he began releasing his syththwave/chillwave sound s in 2011.

Described as “the most elegant and streamlined that Haley’s music has ever sounded,” the album follows fictitious space traveller “Com Truise” and his journey through far-flung galaxies.

“I try hard not to write from my personal life, but it’s inevitably going to seep into the music,” Haley explains of the album. “It’s basically like I’m scoring this film in my head, but that film I’m scoring is also somehow my life.”

Listen to ‘Propagation’ from Iteration and pre-order here:

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