Collaborative quartet Jet-G provide atmospheric live music video

Now, we’ve frequently discussed the importance of collaborations and the impact they can have on the music industry as elements from far and wide come together to make a new project work. Take London-based quartet, Jet-G for example, who first arrived on our radar with the dramatic single ‘Give Me Air’ and joined us for an exclusive interview as we explored their sound. The project is the result of esteemed music engineer, musical director and producer Jolliffe; solo female vocalist ECKOES; Modestep’s founding member Tony Terror and GENTRY (part of the Heritage Orchestra). The collective have recently released their sophomore single, ‘Keep Me Waiting’ via Future London

Stream / Download: ‘Keep Me Waiting’

The quartet have already received significant support from other big names in the industry. Featuring the emotional, penetrating vocals from ECKOES, ‘Keep Me Waiting’ has been touted by Underworld’s Karl Hyde, “I had no idea I was waiting for a sound like this, – turns out I was…”. The support continued further with Skin from Skunk Anansie who mentioned that their first single was: “Beautifully recorded to bring out a truly delicious voice, really love it”. Further support arrived from Eddy Temple Morris (of Virgin Radio) who said their work was: “Brave, beautiful, stark and but for it’s pulsating crescendo, beatless! Imagine a much more English Porter Robinson that had just discovered and fallen in love with the music of Elgar”

The quartet immediately find themselves venturing into more serious territories with their music, as ‘Keep Me Waiting’ explores the intense emotions of what it must be like to lose an unborn child. A respectful homage is paid toward the topic, as an intimate space is created between musician and listener. Jet-G have recently shared a live video for the single, directed by Toby Peters and providing layers of intricacies in both the audio and visual worlds.


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