Coldcut x On-U Sound Take Activism To The Next Level

‘Robbery feat. Rholin X’ is a new track from the forthcoming Coldcut x On-U Sound collaborative album Outside The Echo Chamber to be released via Ninja Tune imprint, Ahead of Our Time, on May 19.

However, this is no ordinary release. The track is also available in a new format: a free videogame for WebGL (internet browsers), OSX, iOS and Android devices. ‘Robbery’ is a 3D Virtual Surreality® game set in a world where the banks have stolen everyone’s savings, the Government has let them get away with it, and people are left with the bill. The aim of the game is to arrest, charge and jail the “Bankstr” who has been imprisoned by Coldcut in a crystal ball. On completion of three increasingly difficult levels, players gain access to a bonus track.

The game is a satirical commentary on the alleged ongoing heist of the economy by the global banking systems. The game has an info link to a Robbery knowledge page, with information documentaries, videos, books, journalism, campaigns, infographics and memes. This is part of an ongoing Coldcut ‘Infobone’ MOOC project, a free online teaching resource to inform and inspire activists.

“The ‘financial crisis’ was just one moment in a big global rip-off whereby the 1% continue to grab more of everything from the 99% (you) – here’s how that actually works” says Coldcut.

Listen to ‘Robbery’ feat. Rholin X’ below:

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