Closure Of Beloved Berlin Club Griessmuehle Sparks Protest; Cocktail D’Amore Event Confirmed As Finale

Hundreds of people gathered outside Neukölln town hall to protest the closure of one of the most well-renowned and loved clubs in Berlin.

In the beginning of January, the announcement that beloved Berlin club Griessmuehle is set to close at the end of this month brought about much sadness for many Germans who frequent the city’s celebrated electronic music scene. 

The well-renowned club, which opened in 2011 in a former grain mill, is known for some of the city’s most loved events – including the extremely popular Cocktail D’Amore – an LGTBQ party celebrated by all.

Yesterday, January 22nd, hundreds of people gathered together outside the town hall in Neukölln (Berlin) to protest the closure of the club. Many of all ages brandished posters and flags while music played from a soundsystem; concise speeches were also held by stakeholders and politicians. 

Known as one of the most iconic spots for underground techno – as well as a venue that has proved to be a wonderful inclusive space for all, specifically marginalised groups such as the LGBTQ community – the move to close Griessmuehle comes at the hands of the landlords, who wish to knock the venue down entirely to build office blocks. 

The rental contract is set to come to a close on January 31st, and although a small victory on part of the protesters – the closure has been extended an extra weekend to accommodate a final celebration of Cocktail D’Amore set to take place on February 1st.

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