Cities Aviv releases experimental ‘MELANIN DROP’

Cities Aviv has always felt like an outlier in the world of hip hop, electronic, and even experimental music. While many artists dabble with different styles and sounds, CA seems to focus instead on meshing everything that he’s found fascinating, regardless of genre, and compositionally making these various styles fit together in a way that magically works. That’s not the most intelligible way to describe his talent, but it’s vastly fascinating how his work sounds unique in a time where copy-cat producers reign supreme.

Case in point is his newest work,’MELANIN DROP.’ The jazz-sampled piece begins exceedingly normal, but quickly blends into rap, which then blends into a beat that takes the jazz-sample and cuts it up in the more ‘electronic’ vein of today’s artists. The result feels like part mini-mix, part organized chaos, and had it been any other artist, a sure fail. While there’s a lot happening in such a short time frame, CA manages to blend these different worlds of music into a neat, fascinating package.

Listen to the track below.

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