Cimo Fränkel drops official video for ‘Never Give Up’

Multi-talented singer, songwriter and producer Cimo Fränkel has shared latest single and video for ‘Never Give Up’  released on September 15th.

Cimo Fränkel’s latest single ‘Never Give Up’ invites us on a seductive, yet groove-fueled journey across sun-kissed cityscapes. A level-headed bass guitar strolls in alongside clicked percussion, as Cimo’s crisp vocals kick in – the atmosphere brightens beyond belief, proving that this may just be your next favourite thing.

Watch the official music video for ‘Never Give Up’ by Cimo Fränkel below –

Drawing from his experience working in different genres and taking cue from Michael Jackson, his greatest idol, Cimo never restricts himself to a single sound. Citing inspiration from a diverse selection of artists, from Fleetwood Mac to Usher, there is only one constant to his solo material: it’s poppy, catchy and intimate.

Growing up in Amsterdam, Cimo’s father was in a funk band and raised him on a diet of impromptu studio visits and the notorious DIY ethos of funk culture. “My father was a singer and part of a band in the 80’s. I grew up with my dad who was always encouraging my brother and myself to learn and freestyle music. I’ve always loved to create, music was the most obvious lane within the creative spectrum” he says.

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