Christian Löffler’s New Single ‘Ry’ Cannot Run from the Art

Following the stunning release of ‘Like Water’ in February, German house producer, Christian Löffler offers his second music video attached to his upcoming album Graal (Prologue) due for release on 5 April. The latest video for the song ‘Ry’ dropped on 29 March and took on a completely different approach than it’s predecessor, ‘Like Water’.

Created to inspire the loop effect, the video for ‘Ry’ features only the visuals recorded off a bodycam strapped to the chest of an unknown person running through city streets, over bridges, under tunnels, from deserts to sandy beaches and then ends up right where he started. And if you weren’t already aware, Löffler is a man separated by two talents, painting and music. And he tends to take long breaks from one when focused on the other. Perhaps this is a metaphor for how regardless of how far Löffler runs, he can never escape his need to make art. Whether that be using the medium of paint or music.

Besides the fact that ‘Ry’ is track one on the album, Löffler explained that it is also the most important track, as it was the “… breakthrough after a phase without making music” he stated that without the making of this song, the album could not have been possible.

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