Charlotte’s “The Best Thing” is off the upcoming Belgica soundtrack by Soulwax

In 2004, Soulwax proved that they were one of Belgium’s most innovative and exciting electronic groups with the release of their debut album Any Minute Now. Despite not having any proper album releases since then, they’ve been keeping busy with various musical projects, like Radio Soulwax, as well as their side-project as 2manyDJs, working with James Murphy on various projects like their sound system Despacio, and helping craft the soundtrack of an upcoming Belgium film called Belgica.

One track off the soundtrack was previously released last week, and it was already promising that the movie’s cinematography and sound were going to be top notch, but the intro track has been released recently, and “The Best Thing” might just be the best way to kick off this Thursday.

The film is already garnering some serious buzz, and the scoring is sounding solidly varied and fascinating. Take a listen to the track and watch the trailer below.

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