Chaos In The CBD has us ready for the warm sun with ‘Global Erosion’

Legendary record store Yam Records is gearing up to start a record label, and they’ve teamed up with Chaos In The CBD for the labels inaugural release. ‘Global Erosion’ is the first single that’s been released via the public and it’s a summery tune that will be perfect to welcome the heat and long nights ahead for many of us.

Jazz influences and light drum-work make the original tune easy on the ears. It’s not going to be the track that plays in the dead of the night, but we can already imagine this being a hit with a multitude of different audiences. It’s strangely the type of track to blast around Mum and Dad just as much as you might play this around your friends.

The track, as part of an EP, will be out via YAM Records on a yet-to-be-announced date in June.

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