Channel One under threat

The famous Channel One soundsystem faces the threat of being removed from their spot at Notting Hill Carnival. 

For the past 32 years Channel One have graced the Carnival with their rich dub sounds but local residents have voiced their outrage and have lobbied to move Channel One. Complaints include: migraines brought on by excessive volume, property damage, over-crowding and some even claim their pets can’t handle the bass!

Channel One however argue that they “adhere to to the curfew of 7 PM, we regularly monitor the sound levels and we keep a close eye on the crowd. The elders have a strong presence so the youngsters know not to cause any trouble.” They further added “When people buy a property in Notting Hill, they should know that the Carnival was there first. It’s not something new. It’s only two days out of the whole year.”

Get up, stand up for Channel One and sign the petition here!

Written by Alex Lewis