Celestial Wave To Enlighten Your May

With electronic music growing in popularity by the hour; and the ability to create it ever more accessible – it can be difficult to keep up! In both a positive and negative light, the influx of beautiful electronic soundscapes is extremely exciting; but at the same time, the market becomes oversaturated – and we end up, as both artists and listeners, feeling overwhelmed.

With that being said, we find it incredibly important to highlight new music for all the wave audiophiles out there whose playlist needs a refresh. In this list, we are placing focus on 15 brand new wave tracks – released in the last week!

Check out these ethereal new tracks below

Morning Star – Sakarha

call back – SH1N

Far Away – Joel Avalo

Invisible – Tydø.

Retrospective – Jayke Mist

WAVYGENESIS | G.O.A.T – w a v y g e n e s i s



Marble – TW1GZ

Crystalize – Sweeper

with You – Planet V

wish came true – biocide

Desire – Tyrv

/ / ANXIOUSNESS – D c v x x


We hope you’ve enjoyed our list! Make sure to show your love & support to these fantastic artists, and let us know what’s on your playlist!

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