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Tommy Genesis is an artist of her own kind with new anthem “Art”

Tumblr Queen and self-proclaimed ‘fetish rapper’ Tommy Genesis is being hailed as ‘one to watch’, after being voted 29 in ‘Dazed 100 Creatives Shaping Youth Culture’ at the beginning of this year. When she was signed by Atlanta’s cult rap producer Father to Awful Records — an independent label and

It’s not a surprise that if you’ve been reading our page at all that we’ve been very excited about Belgica‘s soundtrack, that’s been brilliantly crafted by brothers David Dewaele and Stephen Dewaele, also known as 2manydjs. The brothers have crafted 16 fictional bands for the film, and the resulting work

In 2004, Soulwax proved that they were one of Belgium’s most innovative and exciting electronic groups with the release of their debut album Any Minute Now. Despite not having any proper album releases since then, they’ve been keeping busy with various musical projects, like Radio Soulwax, as well as their

Jamie xx‘s album In Colour was a highly acclaimed debut project from the Uk-based artist. He’s been touring heavily since then, which means that we haven’t been hearing too many new songs from him, but luckily we’ve gotten something to tide us over while we wait for something new from

Bosco and Jarell Perry have come together to release their one off track “Bullet,” which sees Perry bring his sensual style with Bosco’s experimental attitude. “Bullet” is strong, impactful, and wholly dynamic, managing to encompass the style of both artists at the same time. There’s no word on whether or

Los Angeles-based artist P.Morris is always keeping busy, and he’s just dropped a one off remix of Banks’ track “Better.” Landing somewhere in between dancefloor banger and bedroom jam, the remix flaunts the electric energy that P.Morris is known for with ease. With one foot in the original and the

Ryan Hemsworth has been relatively quiet as of late, but today he’s returned with a new track for his record label Secret Songs. ‘How It Felt’ combines Hemsworth’s traditional melancholy attitude, on par with his usual releases, but manages to highlight the incredibly skills he has developed in the last

Lil Silva is back this week, this time collaborating with Kent Jamz in ‘De Ja.’ The ethereal track blends erratic jumps with smooth vocals to create a yin-yang dynamic throughout the piece. Chaos reigns in this track, as it does in many of his songs, and he creates a dissonance

Kaytranada has been opening up to the public a lot lately, with an in-depth editorial with Fader and debut album, the artist born as Kevin Celestin is blossoming into the full-fledged artist he had always meant to be. With his album being praised by many critics and fans alike, he’s

Admittedly, Neguim Beats isn’t a household name, but we found this gem today and we knew this had to be posted. Meshing various influences, although rooted in hip hop if this had to be put into a category, it feels like an experimental take on trap music that manages to

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