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Unpropped – Acausality

When we last chatted with Unpropped (read the interview), he spoke a bit about his debut EP. Now, just a couple of months later, the project is here. Titled Acausality, the EP is as much a place as it is a collection of sounds. Once there, you will quickly find

It’s no secret that Peggy Gou is a dedicated student of the 90’s. The DJ and producer has always flirted with distinctly 90’s motifs in her work, finding her sound in the lofi bass and shimmery synths of the era’s classic house cuts. On her latest single (It Goes Like)

If you’re familiar with the work of multidisciplinary drag artist Salvia, you’ll know that her work is transfixed with the ‘post,’ that is: post-gender, post-trans, post-human. For Salvia, her body has been her most favourite canvas on which to enact her quiet disruptions, contorting and mutating her form into impossibly

There’s a magical sort of thing that happens when you encounter dance music from a distance. The sound sort of bends out of shape, suddenly given space to sprawl over. The underbelly of bass reveals nuances usually lurking beneath layers of shimmering, crisp rhythms. Those rhythms now muddied into an

We roundup our picks for the must hear releases of the week. Listen to our selections below.     The Chemical Brothers – Live Again The Chemical Brothers really want to make you dance again. The latest single to be shared from their anticipated upcoming album is the truly epic

The best thing about UK producer ANZ’s latest track, Clearly Rushing, is how simple the whole thing is. Pivoting away from the poppy house and afters bass of All Hours, Clearly Rushing feels sort of old school.    The whole thing finds itself centred around an 8-bit synth riff and

For Finnish electronic duo Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala, AKA Amnesia Scanner, music proposes an opportunity to disrupt. Since 2016, they’ve acted on instinct, producing a small yet potent body of work that tears apart the codes of genre and convention. They exist as a constructed glitch in the matrix,

That Ben Howard can play musical hopscotch, flitting from one style to the next, while maintaining a melodic and musical identity is testament to the English singer-songwriter’s preternatural talents. His approach to music is intrinsically natural to him, and hitherto unique from everyone else. The finger-plucked guitar popularised by him

We roundup the must listen releases of the week. Check them out below.     Aphex Twin- Blackbox Life Recorder 21f   For his first track in half a decade, Aphex Twin welcomes us back gently. Blackbox Life Recorder 21f, the lead from an upcoming four track EP due in

Canada’s Maara-Louisa Dunbar has sort of experienced her rise as an underground club superstar at the speed of a DMT hit. Like DMT, the whole thing has felt much longer than it actually is. In just two years, Dunbar has mastered the craft of DJing and established a singular creative

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