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Roundup, July #3

We roundup our picks for the must hear releases of the week. Listen to our selections below.       Hudson Mohawke, Tiga, Channel Tres – Feel The Rush Channel Tres lends his smooth vocals as producer Hudson Mohawke adds to his recent string of collaborations. This time with Tiga,

There’s been somewhat of a turning point for UK electronic music duo Disclosure recently, one which has seen them pivot away from the chart friendly, vocally driven dance pop that had become their trademark. Though they’ve kept this part of themselves alive through high profile remixes, their recent DJ Kicks

Over the past three years, former YouTube sensation Poppy has metamorphosed her sound from doe-eyed bubblegum pop to seething, angst heavy mutations of nu-metal and hardcore industrial rock. The surprising pivot proved polarising for some, but was entirely necessary to establish Poppy as an artist outside of her viral origins.

For Irish DJ and producer Saoirse, a fabric presents mix represents somewhat of a full circle moment. It’s a culmination of the journey she’s found herself on after moving from Dublin to London – a decision that was made on the fabric dancefloor. Since then, the trUst label boss and

WIlliam Phillips, AKA Tourist, trades in emotions. The English producer is in the business of feelings, crafting sensory house music vistas designed to elicit and extract emotion from the listener, playing our heartstrings like a synthesiser. Few others in Phillips’ class of downtempo, lo-fi house semanticists share his deft skill

We roundup our picks for the must hear releases of the week. Listen to our selections below.     Troye Sivan – Rush The anticipated new single from Australian pop sensation Troye Sivan is his outright danciest to date. An energetic piano led house banger, Rush risks sounding a touch

With her previous two recent singles, Canadian producer Jessy Lanza has slowly been embracing a poppier sound that emphasizes a facet to Lanza that’s always been there. Beneath the squiggly synths and lo-fi beats, she has always had an ear for a hook, and her upcoming album Love Hallucination seems

Swedish label studio Barnhus’s latest string of releases have been intriguingly eclectic, from Bella Boo’s iterations of dancehall to Nikki Nair’s most un-Nikki Nair track to date. In the case of Baltimore producer LADYMONIX, the label touches on classic Chicago house. But, of course, things are never quite as straightforward

We roundup our picks for the must hear releases of the week. Listen to our selections below.     Priya Ragu – Easy   Singer-songwriter Priya Ragu’s latest single is a bouncy garage pop number that’s as slick as it is catchy. With its shimmering breaks, rotund bass, and licks

American-Faroese singer Marianna Winter has returned with a new single. This time around, she has touched on a touchy subject: people-pleasing. With an irreverent attitude becoming synonymous with the Soul-pop songstress, she addresses the topic with fire and some really good points. That is, her argument is sound and her

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