In Conversation with Naxxos

Interview by Maya-Rose Torrão Naxxos is the music project of two multi-talented Viennese producers who have taken the electronic music scene by storm. When Chris and Max started Naxxos, they were both studying and approached their music-making of somewhat of a side project. I can tell you now that Naxxos

This one off extensive compilation of gems, also features remixes by Squarepusher, Ulrich Schnauss, DJ Godfather and more. A rare Aphex Twin remix is featured on a new double-cd that celebrates Lo Recordings, a long running British independent label, that has remained true to it’s experimental origins. Titled ‘It’s Been

Pioneering drum and bass label Reinforced is re-releasing two of its most popular and collectable records in old-skool visual disc format. These are expected to sell in a flash due to the growing nostalgia for the genre. Reinforced, the label that championed Goldie, 4hero and other drum and bass icons,

Korg has announced a new analog synthesizer, the Monologue, which features presets designed by Aphex Twin. … a “next-generation” monophonic synthesizer that “shares the spirit” of the Minilogue, released earlier this year, and has already received a viral buzz of appreciation from synth-heads throughout the cosmos. The monologue features 25-keys

(Saturday, October 29 at 7 PM – 11 PM) When the elusive Bjork offers to record your vocals, and the late David Bowie states you as an influence for his final album, you kinda know you’ve gotta be doing something right. Intimidatingly cool Californian four-piece Death Grips are often labelled

86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE