Carlos Niño & Friends release “It’s All Happening!”

Carlos Niño is a producer, composer, ensemble orchestrator, Dublab DJ, and mentor that has been influencing LA and beyond for quite some time now. He’s been a part of the radio world as well- he’s been the DJ of the influential KPFK radio show, Spaceways Radio, a program dating back to 1995… that’s basically the entirety of some of our reader’s entire lives!

has announced that he’s gearing up for a release of a new album, by dropping “It’s All Happening!,”which features Madlib, Jamire Williams and Dexter Story, with strings by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson.

Pre-order Flutes, Echoes, It’s All Happening! via iTunes.


01 Jupiter Sings [ft. Iasos] 02 Metamaravilla [ft. Luis Pérez Ixoneztli with strings by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson] 03 It’s All Happening! [ft. Madlib with strings by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson] 04 Calimayan [ft. Nate Morgan and Yaakov Levy] 05 Alice’s Chord (Live) [ft. Yaakov Levy and Dexter Story] 06 Joyous Gratitude (Live) [ft. The Cosmic Band and Kamasi Washington] 07 Delightfulllll / Waterfall [ft. Iasos] 08 4 Directions Collage [with strings by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson] 09 Aetheriaztlan [ft. Turn On The Sunlight and Aztlan Unearthed]

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