Camila Knight’s heavenly new single ‘Satellites’: a symphony of self-love.


Barcelona-based Camila Knight has released her new single ‘Satellites’, accompanied by a celestial music video which showcases how compelling and charismatic she is as a performer. Released independently on the 21st of July 2023, the triumphant indie-pop anthem has already garnered more than 19000 views on Youtube, a testament to the momentum that this rising star is gaining in the music industry. Knight’s music is taking off – her debut EP Uplifted has amassed more than 150k streams on Spotify, earned airtime on major international radio stations and received accolades from many tastemaker publications. 


‘Satellites’ is an ode to self-worth and perseverance in the aftermath of love lost. It is a refreshing combination of the catchiness of pop and the stirring feeling of indie-pop and synth-pop. The contrast between its minimal ballad verses and energetic, powerful choruses is exhilarating and invigorating. The song begins with ethereal synths which give way to a rhythmic bass and dance-ready beat. There is ear candy everywhere, ranging from soft melodic guitar to cinematic strings. Reminiscent of Kate Bush, Sigrid, Birdy, and Maggie Rogers, Knight’s vocals move effortlessly between breeziness in the verses and bright boldness in the choruses. The song glitters and sparkles as Knight’s lyrics take your hand and soars high over a broken heart.


‘Satellites’ is a song to scream at the top of lungs,” Knight remarks. “It’s a movement. An awakening. To a realisation that you’ve got the right to choose what’s best for you, not following the accepted social standards. It’s about finding the positivity in your life and striding away from negative people and toxic relationships.”



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