Burning Man opening extinguished

It seems it wasn’t only Notting Hill that was plagued by torrential weather…

Burning Man music festival was forced to cancel its opening day on Monday as severe thunderstorms flooded roads to the festival site, making them inaccessible. Law enforcement officials turned back hordes of ‘Burners’ making their way to the festival with stranded travellers waiting out the weather in casinos or parking lots.

However, it takes more than a little rain to dampen the spirits of Burners. Refusing to extinguish the festival vibe, dozens of festival goers waiting out the rain in a local campsite had to be told by park officials to put their clothes back on as they got in the mood for a festival known for its nudity.

Luckily for them, sun is forecasted for the rest of the week-long festival and the Burning Man gates opened to travellers this morning as road conditions improved. Both umbrellas and clothes can now be disposed of safely.

Written by Zaz Ali

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