Brigade releases spacey and chilled-out single, ‘From Dogs We Come’

Written by Arnold van der Walt

…and to the dogs we go

Germany has proved time and time again that they are one of the staples in the global electronic music industry. It comes as no surprise that another masterful duo finds their origin in this bustling country. Berlin-based duo Brigade released a new funk-inspired single recently, titled ‘From Dogs We Come’, via Majestic Casual.

Brigade has seen success in the Berlin electronic music scene for a while now. They have released records on labels such as Parquet Recordings and 3000 Grad and have had the honour to rock their keytars, controllers and various synthesizers at numerous festivals including Fusion, Distortion and Zugvögel. Not limited to festivals, the duo isn’t afraid to bring their eclectic live performance to clubs like Sisyphos, IFZ and About Blank.

Brigade’s ‘We Come From Dogs’ starts with ominous piano, soon followed by the slight picking of a guitar, which will carry the song forward as you strap in for the ride. As soon as the bassline kicks in, the rhythm picks up momentum as you can’t help but sway your hips along to the hypnotic soundscapes created by Brigade. Layered production ensures that the 6-minute track never lets down as each break comes with a new element for the listener to ponder. Modulated falsettos, muted guitars, big synth chords; it all comes together at the halfway mark. From there on, you’re allowed to take in each tiny production nuance as the textured space created by Brigade enfolds you. Brigade grabs hold of the listener from the get-go and transports you to a journey through outer space; where you will end up, is entirely up to you.

On ‘From Dogs We Come’, Brigade said:
From Dogs We Come’ – Not as in 1001 Dalmatians. More like the dogs of war or Snoop Dogg. This is the Berlin mantra now. You should try chanting it. Cult status in the truest sense of the word.”

Listen to Brigade‘s ‘From Dogs We Come’ below.

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