Boston Building Announces ‘Friend’ EP

James Barr is gearing up to release his latest Friend EP on March 11th. Released under his own record label, Shack Records, the EP will feature collaborative tracks, among other things.

According to Barr himself-

“I am working with some of the most exciting new vocalists in London who have brought their talent and energy to the project. The styles of the tracks vary – but essentially all come under the banner of pop. I am very influenced by what Brian Higgins did with Xenomania in the early 2000s (and what others have done many times before, e.g. Motown, Brill Building, etc) – i.e. working with lots of artists and combining diverse sounds and influences but always in a highly accessible and infectious format.”

Citing Mark Ronson, Pharrell Williams, Paul Epworth and Xenomania as major influences to his work, the upcoming EP is gearing up to be an impressive release in time for festival season.

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