Bonobo Shares Video And Announces New Tour Dates

Bonobo has shared a video for his latest single ‘Bambro Koyo Ganda feat. Innov Gnawa’, taken from the newly released album, Migration.

The track features vocals by Moroccan band Innov Gnawa, and has been described as “a journey through cultural and locational displacement and the strange familiarity that inevitably surfaces out of transient life.”

Directed by Stylewar, it depicts scenes from around the world that unfold in synchronicity with the track. According to the director of the video: “The music of Bonobo is incredibly rich and colorful. It feels as if it was inspired by the indescribable beauty of the natural world. I wanted the video to have an equally inspired and colourful feeling. The world is full of music and rhythm — look carefully and it’s everywhere you go. It’s at the core of our wonderful planet, and I wanted the video to celebrate that fact.
The video is a vast collection of material, including some footage shot specifically for this video as well as existing footage from around the world. Then, through the magic of editing, we endeavored to make every movement in the video correspond to the movement of the music, whether to its rhythm or to the very notes themselves. If you look closely, you should notice that the smallest details have been tweaked to sync the music to the movement. Like the music of Bonobo, it celebrates the rhythmic beauty of our world.”

Bonobo has announced a very busy touring schedule for the remainder of the year, including a headline slot at Wilderness Festival, and dates at  both Fuji Rock and Manchester International Festival. Tickets and tour information is available here.

Watch Bonobo’s ‘Bambro Koyo Ganda feat. Innov Gnawa’ below:

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