Blanck Mass explores entropy on improvised live LP, ‘Mind Killer’

Image by Harrison Reid

Closely following the release of In Ferneaux in February, experimental maestro Benjamin John Power or Blanck Mass has released a new live LP, Mind Killer. The project is released via his own label, Weirding Way.

The LP is an entirely improvised performance that was originally live-streamed by the artist during early lockdown in April 2020. Featuring experimental techno and loop-work, the 40 minute original show has been minimally edited to fit onto two sides of vinyl. 

Working with a core setup of the Korg VOLCA Series involving beats, bass, samplers and keys, Power has stitched together an epitaph to days of human connection and freedom of movement. The continuous, entropic stream of sound has been composed of archival field recordings from over a decade of world travels, and Power’s dissonant touch produces a record that speaks towards entropy itself. As if attempting to resurrect moments of his lived experience, Power clashes and blends these sound bits to haunting effect. The notion of human connection as fleeting, transient and impermanent positions Mind Killer as a poignant musing on the ephemerality of memory, but also the memorialisation of a time beyond our present moment. 

Perhaps in light of its thematic concern, the LP has been given an extremely limited release. Only 1000 copies have been made available for purchase. Currently less than 10 copies remain. 

You can listen and download it here

Download In Ferneaux here and listen below:

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