Björk Works With A.I Tech To Compose Score For Manhattan Hotel

Björk has created an A.I assisted score entitled ‘Kórsafan‘ for NYC hotel Sister City.

Feature Image: Björk © Santiago Felipe / Getty Images

As we enter a new decade, it’s evident the integration of A.I into our everyday lives is no longer a futuristic fantasy – our world is morphing into an incredibly technologically advanced society – one we could only imagine as little as two decades ago. As artists such as Holly Herndon and Julianna Barwick compose in tandem with A.I algorithms – along with Grimes suggesting the future of music will be overtaken by artificial intelligence altogether; music and A.I seems like a definite companionship as time goes along.

Sister City, a hotel based in Manhattan, New York – embraces the incredible opportunities that the combination of A.I and music bring, as they embrace A.I compositions generated by talented artists. Last year Julianna Barwick composed a score for the hotel last year, and now Björk has created a generative score titled ‘Kórsafan‘ for Sister City in tandem with A.I tech provided by Microsoft – which allows snippets from the Icelandic artist’s vocal archive to be crafted into a score to be played in the hotel.

Björk has stated:

an architectural structure in downtown manhattan offered me the hand in an AI tango and i accepted the call, i am alert with curiosity waiting the results. i offered them my choir archives, written over 17 years that will float through the pinball of artificial intelligence by the grid of bird migrations, clouds, aeroplanes and that voluptuous thing called barometer  ! hudson valley happens to be one of the most bird-trafficked deltas on the planet, i know this of my own experience …. hope you will enjoy this ! warmth björk

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