‘Better Days’, a documentary on the history of UK rave culture, premieres on Amazon Music

Image via Getty

Better Days: The Story of UK Rave, the new documentary from MOBO-nominated director Hugo Jenkins, has been released via Amazon Music. The 30 minute documentary is available to stream via the Amazon Music app and YouTube channel. 

The film is an in-depth look into the UK’s rave subculture over the past 30 years, beginning with the free party movement of the late 80’s. It features interviews with icons of the scene, including Luke Unabomber, Paul Hartnoll of Orbital and producer Terry Farley. The documentary will also offer a look into the recent illegal parties that have occurred over the course of the Covid-19 lockdown. 

Other featured artists include more recent acts such as TSHA and SHERELLE, who will offer insight into the development of genres such as jungle and drum & bass. The film also features an entirely original score by Overmono

Better Days premiered during an online event via Twitch on May 29th. A live-stream afterparty hosted by Beatport followed the premiere, and featured a sit-down interview with TSHA and a DJ set from Tim Reaper. 

You can watch Better Days: The Story of UK Rave, and stream the afterparty, below: