Bestival Announces Line Up For New Stage

As if there wasn’t already enough going on at Bestival 2015, festival curators have just announced the next trick they’ve had hiding up their sleeves.

The new area, described as ‘A festival within a festival‘ will be named ‘Slow Motion‘.

Discussing the latest addition, Rob Da Bank said:

I’m more excited about our new Slow Motion festival within a festival than I have been about a new area at Bestival for years. Add to that the fact that Mrs da Bank has invented a new, insanely cool audio-visual stage called The Kaleidoscope, and I’m ready to pop… The Kaleidoscope will be populated by a mix of the best ambient, electronica and chill-out DJs known to man, offset by folk, soul, psychedelia and new wave electronic rhythms. Prepare to get horizontal and vertical all at the same time…

You can expect to find the following at Slow Motion:

Live acts – 47Soul, Alice Jemima, Andy Votel presents Twisted Nerve, Badow, CoCo and the Butterfields, Esther Joy Lane, Fickle Friends, Flight Brigade, Gallows Ghost, Gecko, Goldray, L.A Salami, Lazlo, Laucan, Lucky Elephant, Mispers, Port Isla, Samuel Walwyn, Shanty, Solko, Solar Bears, The Ephemerals, The Fontanas, Will Varley and Xylaroo.

DJ’s – Apiento, Balearic Gabba Soundsystem, Chris Coco, Danny Whitehead, Dave Seaman, Flying White Dots, Mojo Filter, Nick Warren, Olaf Stuut, Paul Godfrey (Morcheeba), Pete Gooding, Phil Dockerty, Phil Mison, Phil South, Steve Cobby, Still:Life, Thythe and Tom Misch.

Also, for those that are feeling up to it, there will be: Aerobics and yoga from Frame, Boxfit, 80s Aerobics, Dancefit, a Jane Fonda Tribute, Dynamic Stretch, Ass & Abs, Get Leggy, Yoga-Lates and Hip-Hop Aerobics and AcroYogaDance.

Bestival will be taking place 10 – 13 September. For tickets, full line up and more information, click here.


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