Berghain to close Ostgut Booking agency

Berghain’s agency, Ostgut Booking, is officially shutting down operations. 

According to Resident Advisor, sources confirmed to the magazine that the agency, which currently has 28 signed artists, will be closing its doors at the end of the year. Ostgut Booking was launched 15 years ago, and currently features a roster of acts including Berghain residents Marcel Dettman, Ben Klock, and Tama Sumo. South African Panorama Bar resident Lakuti joined the agency earlier this year.

One of the most revered techno agencies in the world, the closure of Ostgut Booking follows the shutting down of Berghain’s legendary Ostgut Ton record label, which ended its 16 year run in December last year with the Funfzhen +1 compilation. 

Following the agency’s closure, Resident Advisor reports that eight staff members will be made redundant, while there is no word yet on what will happen with the artists currently signed to the agency.