BeatPort acquires demo submission platform LabelRadar

BeatPort has acquired demo submission platform, LabelRadar. The platform will now form part of BeatPort’s Music Services division. LabelRadar was designed to streamline the demo submission process for both artists and labels. It does this by acting as a sort of middleman, presenting artists’ demos to potential labels and notifying the artist once their demos have been listened to.

Artists upload their demos and select a 20 second preview of the part they want labels to hear. It is then submitted to either the ‘Public Pool’ or to specific labels of the artist’s choice. For labels, the platform offers a constant stream of new demos across various genres. Labels can access the full demo if they like the preview uploaded by the artist. When a label hears something they like, LabelRadar streamlines the A&R process by allowing the label to view data on the artist and to make contact with the artist. 

Designed to improve and streamline the processes of DJs and producers, BeatPort’s acquisition of LabelRadar makes the online electronic music store even more attractive for artists. Speaking on the platform, BeatPort’s SVP of Music Services Alex Branson says, “LabelRadar has built an accessible product that makes it easier for labels and publishers to review incoming demos, while ensuring artists get their demos heard by the right prospective partners who can immediately jump on the opportunity to sign new music.”