Beatchain: The New Platform Aiming To Help Artists Establish Their Careers

Beatchain is a new platform that aims to lift up artists and assist them in establishing a career in the music industry.

To get heard above the noise, you need the complete set of tools to grow and engage your fanbase.”

Establishing a career in the industry is a dream for many aspiring musicians; the prospect of being able to actually earn a decent profit solely from doing what they love, a profit that is liveable – a profit that can pay the bills – is the ultimate goal. However, as any creative knows, getting one’s work out there into the public eye is difficult enough as is; let alone earning enough money to be able to sustain a comfortable and fulfilled life.

While social media has provided a new avenue for artists to reach out to the world, finding a voice in a highly saturated market is extremely difficult; and with the rise of streaming services, turning a profit solely from recording music is a challenge to say the least. The amount of money that goes into recording an album is often much larger than what one would receive from selling the actual record – and with the low rates streaming services offer to artists, is generally unsustainable unless you’re turning millions of streams per month.

For independent artists to break out into the mainstream, they face many roadblocks; along with the lack of funding and finding themselves lost in a constantly expanding, vast ocean of music flooding the internet – it’s equally difficult to manage distribution, promotion, a consistent social media presence along with touring and content.

With this being said, it’s always a refreshing development to see new platforms launching that specialise in assisting artists when it comes to developing their careers. Beatchain is a brand new platform aimed at helping artists in building a career, as it can often be extremely difficult for artists to manage this themselves – and very pricey. Beatchain claims to offer affodable in-depth services to assist musicians in their pursuit of a career in the industry.

Too many artists are seeing music streaming as a talent show where they upload one song to Spotify with zero promotion, and suddenly they’re being signed to a label or played on the radio. Unfortunately that’s not how the music industry works in the streaming era. To get heard above the noise, you need the complete set of tools to grow and engage your fanbase, get them hyped for your new release, and then direct them again and again to your music, your shows and your merchandise.  The unique thing about Beatchain is that you can do all this with one platform, without the artist needing to become an expert marketer or music promoter.

Ben Mendoza, CEO of Beatchain

For more information on Beatchain, you can visit their official website here – which details their extensive services as well as pricing plans (along with the option of a 30 day free trial) and furthermore check out their blog and socials to explore the platform further.

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