Bandcamp New Releases: Intricate IDM Roundup

IDM is an incredibly expansive term; too intricate for a definitive box. However, the genre manages nonetheless to sculpt a distinctive sound; with the careful construction of different influences combining into its own unique artwork. IDM creates spaces to move and grow, to experiment in the world of electronic music and create an experimental dance; with the evidence that many artists explore timbre and tone in a way that can often come across as deeply personal.

Finding new music is always a joy, and with a massive amount of media being released each day sometimes true gems can be lost in the mix. Like with our Synthwave Roundup, we decided to spend some time scouring through the new releases on the ever giving platform Bandcamp – to share with you all some fantastic IDM albums to add to your playlist.

Check out our top 15 IDM picks linked below, and show the artists your love and support!

(This list is in no particular order!)

Olaf Wempe – ‘Anomaliac

Nebulaś – ‘Eternal Boy

Mikron – ‘Severance

miromiro – ‘Toucan

Yaporigami – ‘We Dance Alone

PierrotheMoon – ‘Xport Data

Yheti – ‘Deformed

Alphabet Boy – ‘attack on bauhaus

causticsunshine – ‘SYGNLS

Nate Daffurn – ‘Ephemeral

Tetrahedral Kites – ‘LingamYoni

iff. – ‘VI

B.NEGATIV – ‘Cortex / Alkaloids

ARRAY – ‘Big Slush

BritneyHouston – ‘Love Letters

What are some of your favourite IDM finds from 2019 so far?

Let us know in the comments!

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