Bandcamp New Releases: Ethereal Ambient Roundup

Ambient artists are often under-appreciated, with beautifully crafted albums often being overlooked. However, the heart that goes into building narratives and sculpting ambient soundscapes deserves to be recognised by all. The difficulty of creating cohesive, innovative ambient albums requires an intricate attention to detail; and those who may not be very familiar with ambient music may not know the true art of what they are missing.

Below we have selected 15 newly released artistic and experimental ambient albums, scouted from bandcamp, in no particular order!

ORTRO (Self Titled)

Shadow – Tim Rowe

The Day the Sky fell down on Earth – Lunar Seas

Fourteen Minutes Daydream – Saito Koji

Reset – Jaded Fields

Altitude – Spirals

Your Synthetic Written Tenth – Human Shaped Objects

Nuvole – Aiuole

Sol 47 – Planet Arara

ANZIA (Self-Titled Debut EP)

M32 ARPS – Haunted Mesa

Southernmost – riverrun & William Delano

Mold & Moss – Old Dead Wood

The Anxious Beating Of My Tensile Heart – David Gerard

Solxs – Eru

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list! Please be sure to share and support these incredible artists.

Let us know some of your favourite ambient albums!

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