Bandcamp New Releases: 10 Vital & Unearthly Glitch Albums

Glitch is an expansive term; whether it be dreamy and exploratory, fast-paced and eclectic – or consistent and composed, the genre is open to many possibilities and interpretations. Born from digital malfunctions and audio anomalies, glitch has grown exponentially as a cohesive, yet experimental sub-genre. With focus primarily placed on processed percussive elements, the term no longer only refers to dizzying, overwhelming techniques.

With that being said, we ventured forth into Bandcamp to find some of the most recent and compelling glitch releases to share with you.

Below are 10 must-listen Glitch albums:

Consciousness (EP) – Zohka

e-vacillation – yoxtellar

Anc Exterior – Crest Of The Syndicate

Up Here – Drowzy

Newt Scamander (EP) – Roel Funcken

Human Error (EP) – Nearfield

Stray Soul – Kapcha

Takes One To No One – Bionightmare

165 – Marc-Olivier Germain

Short Life – KID BUCLE

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list! Who are some of your favourite glitch artists? If you’ve enjoyed these albums please make sure to support the talented creators behind them!

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