Bandcamp accused of union busting by newly formed Bandcamp United

Bandcamp United, the recently launched union for Bandcamp employees, has accused the company’s leadership of attempting to undermine unionisation efforts. 

According to an article from Resident Advisor, the newly established union expressed concerns in an Instagram post that Bandcamp was delaying the National Labor Relations Board hearing needed to legitimise the union. The post encouraged supporters to email Bandcamp leadership and “remind [CEO] Ethan [Diamond] that our union will be good for Bandcamp”. 

The union also criticised the decision to hire Foley & Lardner, a law firm known for union busting. Bandcamp CEO Ethan Diamond responded to the allegations, saying the company was “following the NLRB’s process and timeline” and that Bandcamp would “respect the election outcome” if a union formed. 

Bandcamp United began the process of unionisation last month to give employees a voice in their working conditions and “the power to hold Bandcamp accountable to the independent artists and labels who use it”. The Union of Musicians and Allied Workers (UMAW) also expressed support for Bandcamp United.


You can support Bandcamp United via their website here.