Award-winning teenage musician Tryzdin releases solo debut

15-year-old lead singer of the band Saint Mars, Tryzdin, has released his debut solo song ‘A New Way’. Saint Mars is known for focusing their lyrics on issues plaguing the younger generation. As a solo release, Tryzdin‘s track speaks on his experience with bullying and how he chose to rise above it. 

Tryzdin elaborates on the meaning behind the single, “The song to me is about empowerment and overcoming your fears and especially overcoming hate. The song speaks about finding a new way to life and following your dreams. It speaks about facing your haters and showing them that you are stronger than they think. We are really hoping to connect with people who are experiencing or have been bullied. The song really connects with me on a personal level because I was physically and mentally bullied: I was shoved into lockers, brick walls, have had food thrown at me in the lunchroom, I was told multiple times to kill myself and told that I was not worth anything and that nobody ever wanted me. ‘A New Way talks about everything I am about and really everything I’ve wanted to say to those who have bullied me in the past: I am worthy and I am who I am meant to be.”

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